MotoRobots Software Libraries
for mobile robots powered by Motorola 68K/ColdFire and PowerPC micros

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Documentation is now available!   2002-12-02 16:08 - MotoRobots Software Libraries
The Doxygen-generated documentation for the MotoRobots libraries is now available on the web site, either to browse on-line, or as a downloadable package. See the documentation page.
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Welcome to MotoRobots   2001-11-12 14:36 - MotoRobots Software Libraries
The MotoRobots SourceForge project area and web site are up and running! If you are interested in participating in this project or influencing its direction, please join the developers mailing list now.
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* Introduction

Welcome to the homepage of the MotoRobots project, a collection of Open Source embedded software libraries for mobile robotics applications, targeting Motorola 68K/ColdFire and PowerPC micros.

* SourceForge Project Area

This project is being hosted at SourceForge, an Open Source development website with a large repository of Open Source code and applications. SourceForge provides free services to Open Source developers, including project hosting, version control, bug and issue tracking, project management, backups and archives, and communication and collaboration resources.

To access the MotoRobots resources on SourceForge, visit the MotoRobots Project Area. You can also jump to some of the most significant parts of the MotoRobots Project Area by following the links in the sidebar on the left.

You can download the latest versions of the libraries, User Guide and sample code by navigating to the Released Files section of the project area.

* MotoRobots Licensing

These libraries are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. In essence this means that the source code may be freely used, copied or modified, provided that any modified versions are also made freely available. Applications or products that use these libraries do not themselves have to be Open Source.

* Mailing List

If you would like to participate in (or even just eavesdrop on) our developers discussion mailing list, please subscribe to the list by entering your email address in this subscription form. Your email address will be kept confidential.

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