MotoRobots Software Libraries
for mobile robots powered by Motorola 68K/ColdFire and PowerPC micros

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* Library Documentation

The MotoRobots documentation is generated automatically from the source code using Doxygen.

To view the downloaded documentation, extract the archive, and point your web browser at index.html in the doc directory.

* Tool Documentation

The documentation for the GNU toolchain required to use this library is accessible on-line in HTML format. Some are also available in PostScript format.

A complete list of GNU on-line manuals is available here

Instructions on setting up a development environment for 68xxx/ColdFire processors are available from David Fiddes' ColdFire web site:

Alternatively, download one of the pre-packaged versions of the development environment for Windows or Linux from our downloads page. Finally, if you're using Mac OS X, please consult the HOWTO documents by Bob Cook and James Fitzsimons, that describe how to build a working GNU cross compiler toolchain for the Mac OS X.

* Project Documentation for Developers

All project documentation is maintained in HTML format in the SourceForge document Manager.

* SourceForge Documentation for Developers

Project developers new to SourceForge should find the SourceForge Site Documentation useful. This includes information on using CVS and ssh for different host platforms.

* Bibliography

Programming Embedded Systems Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++
by Michael Barr, Andy Oram (Editor)

This book introduces embedded systems to C and C++ programmers. Topics include testing memory devices, writing and erasing flash memory, verifying nonvolatile memory contents, controlling on-chip peripherals, device driver design and implementation, and more.
Build Your Own Robot Build Your Own Robot
by Karl Lunt

This book is a compilation of articles written in the 1990s for Nuts and Volts magazine by Seattle Robotics Society member Karl Lunt, an avid robot hobbyist.
Robot Builders Bonanza Robot Builders Bonanza
by Gordon McComb

A "bible" of amateur robotics building - information about the electronic, mechanical and software aspects of hobby robot-construction.

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