MotoRobots Software Libraries
for mobile robots powered by Motorola 68K/ColdFire and PowerPC micros

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* MotoRobots Libraries

A nightly snapshot of the source code repository is available for download. If you'd like to look at the latest source code without using the CVS source-code control system, you can download this snapshot here.

Choose the download for your platform.

To build the libraries, after extracting the files from the archive, change to the src directory and type make at the command prompt.

* GNU m68k Embedded Development Environment for Windows

This self-extracting executable package for hosts running Microsoft Windows, installs a GNU 68xxx embedded development environment. Installing this package is the quickest way to get up and running with the GNU m68k compiler on Windows.

This is a work in progress. The command-line tools work properly. The main tasks still to do are integrating the IDE (which is currently included in the package but is not yet fully operational), and the GNU Debugger (gdb).

This package includes gcc-2.95.3, binutils-2.10.1, newlib-1.9.0, version 7 - 20010415 ColdFire patches from David Fiddes, and V IDE version 1.23.

This package also contains some core components from Cygwin that are necessary to allow the GNU tools to run on Windows, so it is not necessary to download Cygwin separately.

To install the development environment, download this executable file to your computer, make sure you are logged in as an administrator, then run the program and follow the installation-wizard prompts. If you are running Windows NT, 2000 or XP, there are no additional manual setup steps. If you are running Windows 95, 98 or Me, you need to append to the PATH environment variable, the full path name of the bin directory just below the directory you chose for installation. By default (if you did not override this in the setup wizard), this is typically C:\Program Files\MotoRobots\gcc-m68k\bin

Please Note:The above package is a little out of date now. If you're willing to download a few separate packages, and follow some simple instructions, a more up-to-date development environment, including the GDB debugger, is available by following the instructions on this page. Thanks go to Avi Cohen Stuart for this work.

* GNU m68k Embedded Development Environment for Linux

The following RPM package contains the GNU n68k cross-compiler for Linux (i386) including cpu32libs. This package does not contain gdb.

To install the development environment, download this RPM file to your computer, make sure you are logged in as root, open a terminal window and run the following:

rpm -i gcc-m68k-linux-20010415-1.i386.rpm

This will install the development environment at /usr/local/gcc-m68k You will need to add /usr/local/gcc-m68k/bin to your PATH environment variable (for example, by editing /etc/profile) to be able to execute the tools from any directory using only their filenames. The tools are all prefixed with m68k-elf-

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