MotoRobots Software Libraries
for mobile robots powered by Motorola 68K/ColdFire and PowerPC micros

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This page contains links of specific relevance to the MotoRobots project. For more general links to robotics resources, try Robot Cafe or the Dallas Personal Robots Group Links page.

* Robot Implementations

Examples of robots that utilize the MotoRobots software libraries. Check these out for ideas and inspiration.

Name Description
Lord Nelson Mini Sumo Robot
Various robots Robots by Rien Mathijsse, some of which use code from the MotoRobots libraries.

* Other Open Source Robotics Projects

Name Description
The Rossum Project An attempt to collect and distribute robotics software.
OOMRM Derek Jones' C++ library for the MRM, licensed under the LGPL

* Amateur Robotics Discussion Groups

These popular amateur robotics discussion forums have worldwide membership. They provide an excellent sounding board for sharing ideas, and have several willing helpers to solve technical robotics problems.

Name Description
Seattle Robotics Society Worldwide group of robotic enthusiasts who are active in discussing areas of technology related to robotics, electronics, mechanics, and software. Arguably the biggest and best amateur robotics club on the planet.
68332 Advanced Bot Builders The focus of this group is robotics applications using the 68332 microcontroller.
Robominds This is a special interest group for users of the Mini Robo Mind controller from

* Micro Boards

These microcontroller/microprocessor boards are suitable for use with the MotoRobots libraries.

Name Description
Mini Robo Mind 68332-based microcontroller board tailored for mobile robot applications.

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